Privacy Policy

What this Privacy Policy Covers

The core principle here at Anfords Pakistan Pvt Ltd is to respects the privacy of their user when they are viewing the interactive ads or website. The privacy policy entails how the data will be collected and made use of. The policy also explains that what one must do to not reveal its personal/private information when viewing Anfords Pakistan Pvt Ltd advertisement or visiting Anfords Pakistan Pvt Ltd website.


Personally Identifiable Information

At Anfords Pakistan Pvt Ltd, personally recognizable information regarding its user will not be collected unless the user itself allow willingly. When a user answers a questionnaire or become a part of survey or purchase an item or register itself for a survey or a promotion, personally identifiable information of the user is collected.

Once a user provides us with their personally identifiable information, we provide an option if they want us to keep up the communication through emails, newsletter, or other ways. One may choose not to accept the said option by clicking on the link provided at the bottom of the email. If a user provides us with their personally identifiable data, they have the option to remove the said information from our records by contact us on the email address provided. If a user does want to share their information, it would be requested not to provide us the information through ways mentioned above.

The information collected helps us better understand how you use our site and product. Anfords Pakistan Pvt Ltd may compile the personally identifiable information provided by the user with publicly available information or data provided by the user to other website so that we may enhance our product design, website, or advertisement. Data may be shared with organization that do work on behalf of Anfords Pakistan Pvt Ltd for the enhancement. These organization includes, sweepstakes, competition, approval of check and credit card transfers, and promotion. The companies that provide order fulllfiment, hosting services or warehouse products, may also have access to your personally identifiable data. These companies are restricted to only use the data in the way Anfords Pakistan Pvt Ltd has identidfied to protect the data that has been provided. Data provided to any one of the Anfords Pakistan Pvt Ltd brands will be shared with the other Anfords Pakistan Pvt Ltd brands.

 In case the Anfords Pakistan Pvt Ltd goes through bankruptcy or division, the personally identifiable data will be included as a business asset.

Anfords Pakistan Pvt Ltd will provide law with the information if it thinks that its necessary for public safety or compliance by the law. This may include prociding the information to other companied for credit risk reduction or protection from fraud.

In case Anfords Pakistan Pvt Ltd plans to share the information with any unaffiliated organization, it will provide user with an option to remove their data from storage.


Children's Privacy

Anfords Pakistan Pvt Ltd has strict rules not to gather personally identifiable data from children under the age of thirteen. The Anfords Pakistan Pvt Ltd will instruct children under the age of thirteen not to submit data such as name, address, telephone number, or email address on the site or their advertisement, if deemed appropriate. If somehow the data is provided, it should be clicked here bya a parent or a guardian to provide an email address to eliminate the data from our storage. Anfords Pakistan Pvt Ltd will take all necessary steps to remove such data and to not use such data at any cost apart from the protection of the child or other in compliance with the law.


Linked Sites

Many links are present on the Anfords Pakistan Pvt Ltd web site(s) which privacy policy are different from the privacy policy of Anfords Pakistan Pvt Ltd. The user should refer to the privacy policy of the external sites when exiting Anfords Pakistan Pvt Ltd site.


Non-Personally Identifiable Information Collected Automatically

In some instances, Anfords Pakistan Pvt Ltd may collect information that is not categorized as personally identifiable. Type of internet browser that is being used, operating system, domain name are example of such data. This data is collected to better understand our customer and to enhance our services to better fit the customer needs.


 Information We May Place Automatically On Your Computer's Hard Drive

To match your interest and preferences in the form of advertisement or enhancing your website experience, some information may be saved on your computer in the form of “Cookies” or related files when the user access our site or advertisement. To learn more about these Cookies, you may refer to your browser instruction to erase, block or receive a warning before a cookie is stored. To gain access to some or all of data on all our Anfords Pakistan Pvt Ltd sites, the user will have to download application and go through the security setting.


Internet-Based Ads

To serve ads on non-affiliated third-party website on the Anfords Pakistan Pvt Ltd behalf, the company may partner with them. The Anfords Pakistan Pvt Ltd and online advertising network collects data about your online activity overtime which is then used by presenting you with ads that will be personalized which means that they will be tailor based on the information collected.

Information regarding on how to opt out of internet-based advertising by by their associates please visit the Network Advertising Initiative.

See for general information about the NAI and for the opt-out page. You may also visit   to opt out of such behavioural ads or to learn more about these ads.


 How Your Personal Information is Protected

The information collected through any of Anfords Pakistan Pvt Ltd site is protected against changing, loss or misuse of information by the implementation of standardized security measure in industry. The personally identifiable data is saved on servers that the organization has endeavored to keep it secure from unauthorized access or interference. Anfords Pakistan Pvt Ltd sites holds no responsibility for unauthorized access to information by hackers through illegal ways.


Who to Contact

Please click her to provide us with an email address, if a user wants the data provided through Anfords Pakistan Pvt Ltd site or interactive promotions to be changed, modified or deleted from the database. The elimination of data will also include opting out of the sharing of data to third partied for direct marketing.


 How can you Update or Change your Information

Click here to send us an email if at any time you want to update or change your information. Click at the opt out link at the end of the email to opt out from receiving any future email or updates. Contact us to remove information from our archive and to opt out of receiving future mail or update.


 Revisions to this Privacy Policy

The privacy policy may be altered from time to time so the user is asked to visit the page often to remain updated and have read and agreed to our most updated policy. This policy will be effective form September 23, 2020.


Contact Us

Please contact us in regard of any queries or concerns about any feature of our policy.